Исполнитель: Devlin, Wombat
Название: Adrenaline
Длительность: 3:56
Лейбл: 420 Family
Битрейт: 360 kbps
Прослушано: 61

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Текст песни Adrenaline

Dropped ya
Shutdown sesh, no voice like Lockyer
Still old school with an old school Nokia
Flip the old bars that’ll old school rocks ya
Bitch, keep bouncing
Andre, brother the levels are 3000
Marvin Gaye, my brother I see mountains
They pass me Js
My brother I need ounces
Still fuck hoes on lounges
I puff smoke get rowdy, then leave your hotel fucked up lookin' all cloudy
You don’t know fuck all about me (Fuck off)
Spit like Biggie
Get ripped like billies
Tell your bitch to fuck off, get flicked like ciggies
She was all online
Tryna get on mine, when I don’t reply
Well the bitch gets silly
That’s fame though
The raps are fears
You’ll get smacked out the back of the atmosphere
I feel numb to the fact that I lost my son
I can’t take back the years (RAH)
Life’s a bitch so we drugged the slut
There’s no trust, shit fucks me up
My own mates pull blades for a hundred bucks
And then lie to my face like I love you cunts
See I bleed from the heart
Don’t cross me cat 'cause I see through darkness
Watch my back for the ones that don’t watch my back
For those ones that are the easiest targets
I’m a bust, bust, bust when the bars spit
I’m a cunt, cunt, cunt of an artist
Chill your style is too tech bro, nah cuz you’re just fuckin' retarded
I won’t stop 'til my money gets square
Then make me triangles to get full circle
With more sides than an octagon
I rocks the thong, to smoke then blow the full purple
Sesh on trees, brother they got sauce like Szechuan beef
Wrecked on beats from the west to east
Just rest in peace, ya body gets left on streets
Bassline jump, got a waistline bump
The waistline could break lines, break my jump
The brakelights could break and the train might bump
But Blake could ride waves like a Great White does
How you do that?
You should love me
I’m on the mic cuz, I get ugly
It’s a hype one, you can suck me
Do I look like I give a fuck G?
I’m still out to grind, I get a bad bitch high in the Calvin Kleins
I said, «Fuck, girl, look in my eyes»
420 Fam got the energy
I’m still out to grind, I get a bad bitch high in the Calvin Kleins
I said, «Fuck, girl, look in my eyes»
420 Fam got the energy
I’m still risin' at midnight
Been dying to live life, but I sit tight
Why would a king like
They wanna switch sides, think twice
You’re on thin ice, don’t slip like a trip wire
I could ignite then I spit fire
Shit I been digging my way to hell
Sick of Sinning wishing I pray for help
Swiggin liquor thinking I ain’t myself
I’m crazy I wasn’t gonna drop a verse on ‘em
I was silent at work on my grind, just determined I’m earning my stripes but
the serpents are sly
Someone’s heard of me
Why’s this whole scene concerned with my personal life
It’s a circus alright
The blur in the line
Serving your lights
Got me on a murderous vibe
I should burn them alive with the words that I write
Nah fuck that
They can work for they’re worth
Coz they ain’t even deserving the lime light
I been working the night life
Bitch wanna fuck coz she heard what I rhyme like
Living this up still I stick to my guns give a fuck I’m a pessimist
After your neck I pull the heart from my chest
And then I laugh as I step on it
Dark and malevolent
Sparking like Edison
Harness adrenaline we charging ahead of em
And I still bleed with a pen and pad
Been where the devils at
Leading to hell and back
See I’m a freak ain’t no telling that
And it’s a fact so we’re peaking for weeks so we never crash
Setting em back I’m representing my jealousy
Never test a remedy reppin next to the chemistry
I represent the veterans they be telling me get it g
420 fam it’s a telekinetic energy
Fucking oath
Fuckin you ready chill yea
Fucking Get em with that verse brudda
Introverted extrovert
I’m fucked up so I Sesh the herb
Wreck the verse
And I’m selfish at best and it wrecks my girl
That’s a test and it wrecks my world and she knows it
Lost my son though against my word
The tensions worse
It’s turned to regrettin her
I best reverse
I can’t so it’s best to learn not to stress now I got my shot I can’t blow this
I’m still out to grind, I get a bad bitch high in the Calvin Kleins
I said, «Fuck, girl, look in my eyes»
420 Fam got the energy
I’m still out to grind, I get a bad bitch high in the Calvin Kleins
I said, «Fuck, girl, look in my eyes»
420 Fam got the energy
Ahahaha welcome to my album bros
Gonna be highs and lows
Gonna be energy
Strap yourselves in mother fucker
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