Исполнитель: Translee
Название: Thank You Freestyle
Длительность: 3:11
Лейбл: Grand hustle
Битрейт: 360 kbps
Прослушано: 9

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Текст песни Thank You Freestyle

Welcome to freedom summer
Time is liberty
Verse 1:
Back when Florence meant Alabama not Italy
Back when Hunstville wasn’t really too into me
Back when ran the streets them fleeces was up my sleeves
My jeans they kept the crease you know I was a beast
Ridin' with and brother capris
We pull up on Kendrick I know his mama would cook a feast to say the least
We had a place for our official sacrificial beliefs
(Skipping school with them freaks)
Tell it true my mama wouldn’t let me get braids
She didn’t want me stereotyped my last day of tenth grade
Back when an IG page couldn’t put you on stage
Back before said he a pussy you find a twenty man that shit just had me amazed
Back when doing dirt meant at least somebody was getting paid
Nowadays these niggas doing dirt just for likes on their page, man is this a
Back when used to have me in the projects for days, underage and smoking weed
Before Tip and Jeezy was let out their cage, man we was Outkast all day
Mike Jones, Paul Wall, 8Ball, MJB, BIG, Snoop Dogg, Dre (Pac)
Before anyone said I was a thought
Before rock, before we ever motorbike we
Before they could snatch it on
Before they would classify a classic album the day after
Before Bush had national disaster and
Television had Kanye giving him backlash for the black African mishappening
Before skinny jeans was happening
Before Obama picked the cabinet
Before 100K followers was deemed adequate
Before interest was adamant
These days couldn’t fathom it
These days rappers lack talent, passion and uh, good management
Doing a balancing act on mannequins
Street guide, hamburger sandwiches, late night, packaging cannabis,
boy scrambling can’t come fast enough
Second chances don’t come that first one don’t pass it up
Talking back before I knew an hourglass can move fast as fuck
I was legit sitting in my room thinking life wasn’t adding up
Would I be young forever, would I die standing up
(Keep on living young nigga keep on living)
The only cure for the struggle is just the hustle
Just left the coldest winter please welcome to freedom summer
We free of pain, pride and depression, self esteem and oppression
Free of wack rappers disrespecting the legends
Free of ads in the mentions
Free of fake news, free of them tiki-torch alt right shit-faced bastards
Free of being scared of the rapture
If you ain’t right with God you better get right
We watching out for midnight, that’s 12
And we didn’t even do nothing wrong and that’s what’s wrong
We freeing ourselves and that won’t take long
Be yourself, love yourself, embrace the O. G's
Respect the CEO to the manager to security to the janitor
One love, easy
Freedom, freedom, freedom, freedom, freedom, freedom, freedom, freedom
This Freedom Summer, want to welcome y’all
Time is liberty
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